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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

What should I not do when fighting a drunk driving charge?

If you have drunk driving charges pending against you in Los Angeles, you may be wondering how you can avoid making mistakes that could interfere with your ability to overcome this situation. You do not want to make matters worse or have your rights infringed upon. By taking the matter seriously, you can avoid complications that could compromise your future. 

Man, crashes into California pool following alleged drunk driving

When a person is facing a suspected drunk driving charge in Los Angeles, the repercussions can be disappointing, inconvenient and life-altering. While it is never a wise decision to drive while under the influence, a person who chooses to do so and is caught may undoubtedly need help building a defense.

Driving drugged can be hard to prove, but authorities will try

Medically speaking, it can be difficult to tell what it takes for someone to be alcohol impaired. Men tend to be able to drink more than women. Individuals with greater body weight and height often can imbibe more than those who are slighter. Legally speaking, however, all it takes for authorities to level drunk driving charges is for a suspect to register a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent. At that point, you are considered legally drunk in California.

What's the Driver License Compact and why should I care?

Every state has its own laws against drunk driving. There may be a lot of similarities, but often the consequences vary. The legal processes for administering the laws are also likely to differ. This can make for some confusing situations, especially if you happen to find yourself facing drunk driving allegations while visiting California from another state.

Avoid your first DUI arrest this St. Patrick's Day

With St. Patrick's Day on the horizon, you are probably getting your green garb ready. If you are planning on drinking green beer too, you want to consider the risks - and there are more than turning your teeth green or sending embarrassing texts. St. Patrick's Day weekend sees a spike in DUI offenses, some resulting in serious accidents and injuries. Do not let your first DUI offense come this weekend. Read up on California DUI laws, first-offender penalties and responsible prevention tips.

Could I be held without bail for DUI?

How often do we hear police in TV dramas complain about what they see as the laxness of the legal system? The bail process gets a lot of this attention. Indeed, both sides of the equation take aim. Officers express frustration when a suspect is released on bail or bond. Cocky suspects taunt police with , "I'll be back on the street in no time."

An ignition interlock device can keep you on the road

Running errands or driving to and from work is something we take for granted. For people charged with and convicted of drunk driving, they already face uncertain futures with steep fines and possible jail time. The loss of their driver’s license could impact their personal and professional lives.


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