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Lawsuits over football's brain injuries

For some brain injury patients in California, the realization that something is wrong comes on slowly. A patient may realize that she is missing appointments more frequently or forgetting to accomplish certain tasks. Another may lose track of his possessions or suffer debilitating headaches. These brain injuries may arise from car accidents and falls, but football is also a major source of brain trauma.

Good things to know if you've suffered a brain injury

When someone is physically injured, you usually can tell. There are visible indicators. Scrapes and abrasions; bandages; casts; slings' crutches and other durable medical devices are all clues. If someone suffers a brain injury, the signs are often subtle. Los Angeles attorneys with experience in this area of law know this.

Children from stable homes recover from TBIs more quickly

California parents will likely know that children thrive when they live in supportive and nurturing homes, but they may be surprised to find out that stable environments could also help children to recover from serious brain injuries more quickly. Research published on Feb. 10 by the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center reveals that the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries tend to persist longer in children who are raised in chaotic or disadvantaged homes.


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