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February 2017 Archives

Children from stable homes recover from TBIs more quickly

California parents will likely know that children thrive when they live in supportive and nurturing homes, but they may be surprised to find out that stable environments could also help children to recover from serious brain injuries more quickly. Research published on Feb. 10 by the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center reveals that the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries tend to persist longer in children who are raised in chaotic or disadvantaged homes.

Is full liability always established after a car accident?

As much as it might be wished, it can be difficult to assign blame clearly in every car accident. There are so many vehicle crashes in Los Angeles every day. Police or insurance examiners cannot investigate them all. Of course, accidents resulting in injury or death warrant more attention and typically get it. Even then, though, it isn't always easy to make a clear-cut determination of accountability and liability.

4 signs of abuse or neglect at a nursing home

When caring for an aging loved one becomes too much to bear, millions of Americans turn to nursing homes or assisted living facilities to help them meet the needs they simply cannot keep up with. It is estimated that up to 40 percent of adults will at some point live in a nursing home before they die. This number is expected to increase over the years, highlighting the reliance that many have on these important institutions. What if you believe your mother, father, grandmother, great aunt or elderly friend is being mistreated or even abused in a nursing home? Watch for these four signs.

Could I be held without bail for DUI?

How often do we hear police in TV dramas complain about what they see as the laxness of the legal system? The bail process gets a lot of this attention. Indeed, both sides of the equation take aim. Officers express frustration when a suspect is released on bail or bond. Cocky suspects taunt police with , "I'll be back on the street in no time."

If you are bitten by a dog, who pays the damages?

California has the highest estimated number of dog bites, and the highest costs associated with them. With 1,684 claims made alone and the average cost per claim close to $45,000, the total cost for dog bite injuries in the state is close to $8 million. When someone is bitten by a dog, who pays to cover medical treatments and any other costs associated to the incident?

Police call me a 'person of interest.' Do I need to worry?

Words have power. If you need convincing, just look at the furor that has erupted in the past year over so-called fake news. The proliferation of bogus information initiated through social media sites and picked up by mainstream media has everyone in California and elsewhere up in arms – except those who seem to foster such stories. In some cases, those in positions of power try to put a luster of legitimacy on blatantly falsehoods, calling them alternative facts.


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