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Provide details when consulting an attorney after an injury crash

In our last post about car accidents, we talked about why it's wise to consult an attorney after an injury crash. The scope of issues that a crash victim in Los Angeles can face after an accident is so broad that it can be difficult to know what your rights and options are. Even if you are blamed for a crash, speaking with an attorney is advised.

In this post, we look at what kind of information you should plan to provide when you speak with a skilled legal professional about your situation.

To begin with, you need to determine whether you have any basis to make a legal claim. To do that, you need to be prepared to discuss details of what happened with the attorney. Cases are handled on a contingency fee basis and so there is no financial risk to you in getting this assessment, but providing detail is crucial.

To that end, you will want to be able to answer at least the following questions about your incident:

  • When did the accident occur? This should include the date and time of day of the event.
  • Where exactly did the accident happen?
  • What were road conditions at the time?
  • If other vehicles were involved, who was driving them and what were the makes and models?
  • To the best of your recollection, what happened?

Remembering to compile all of that information is difficult after a crash, especially if you're injured. But to the extent you can check off these to-do items, or have someone else do it, the better the assessment will be of your legal options regarding liability and possible claims for compensation.

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