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Consequences of sex crime charges make every 1 serious

No one would argue that society shouldn't do what it can to prevent sex offenses from occurring. It's in that light that California and every other state has an array of laws against such crimes. The more heinous the alleged act, the more severe the punishment is likely to be.

Most legal experts would likely agree that, all too often, the legal remedies called for in such laws are driven more by emotion than reason. What can happen then is that public outrage trumps the rule of law. Individuals charged with any sort of sex offense can expect to suffer serious consequences if convicted, but they may also face social rejection long before and after the case is resolved.

One example of how a sex offense record can haunt an individual has to do with housing. If the penalty for a conviction includes being placed on a registry of sex offenders, finding a place to live after a sentence is completed can be difficult. Many states and local jurisdictions have passed laws blocking registered offenders from living within so many feet of locations where children are present – schools, daycare facilities, or public parks.

Not surprisingly, this shrinks the list of possible housing options. In some parts of the country, this has led to small groups of registered offenders banding together in homelessness – under road overpasses, parking lots or tent cities. Where an offender can find more substantial shelter, it is likely to be in economically depressed areas of higher crime.

Those with experience defending individuals charged with sex crimes know mitigating the negative effects begins well before the matter reaches court. The right to a presumption of innocence is something to protect. Consult a skilled attorney early to get the process started.

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