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January 2017 Archives

Police data scraping could involve more than cellphones

We live in a time when our lives are our own, but our histories are captured digitally. As we noted in a post last month, greater computing power than sent man to the moon now sits in each laptop, tablet and cellphone. Not only can that power be figuratively addictive, medical research suggests the physical process of technological interactivity has a way of triggering the pleasure centers of the brain. So use of technology may be literally addicting.

Provide details when consulting an attorney after an injury crash

In our last post about car accidents, we talked about why it's wise to consult an attorney after an injury crash. The scope of issues that a crash victim in Los Angeles can face after an accident is so broad that it can be difficult to know what your rights and options are. Even if you are blamed for a crash, speaking with an attorney is advised.

An ignition interlock device can keep you on the road

Running errands or driving to and from work is something we take for granted. For people charged with and convicted of drunk driving, they already face uncertain futures with steep fines and possible jail time. The loss of their driver’s license could impact their personal and professional lives.

Consequences of sex crime charges make every 1 serious

No one would argue that society shouldn't do what it can to prevent sex offenses from occurring. It's in that light that California and every other state has an array of laws against such crimes. The more heinous the alleged act, the more severe the punishment is likely to be.


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