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Why speak to an attorney about my personal injury case?

Accidents happen every day all over Los Angeles. A wet store floor can leave you suddenly sprawled on the ground – back thrown out or arm or leg broken. Someone runs a red light and plows into you as you enter an intersection on your green light.

The first obvious thing you should be concerned with is getting the medical care you need. Insurance will cover all of that, won't it? It is easy to jump to that conclusion. What's the point of having insurance otherwise? The problem is that insurers don't make money paying claims. They make money by selling policies, investing that money and minimizing how much they fork out on claims. If they feel they can deny a claim, you can expect that they will.

Let's say you get the care you need for the immediate injury suffered. Are you aware of what your needs might be after that? If you suffered some permanent nerve, brain or musculoskeletal damage, you may be out of work for months or forever. You may need care for the rest of your life. Do you have any idea what that will cost? Who will pay for that? If someone else was responsible, you surely have a right to expect that it won't be you.

Most individuals rarely think about such things until after disaster hits and then they can find themselves at a major disadvantage. Rather than have to try to wrestle with those questions as you're trying to focus on your recovery, those with experience in this area of law know that it's better to hand off such concerns to a skilled advocate.

If you've suffered injury due to someone else's negligence, we urge you to make contacting an attorney a priority.

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