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It doesn't take much to suffer a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries are as bad as their label makes them sound. What many in California may not realize, though, is that any brain injury is a TBI. Even a simple clonk on the head from a softball pop fly counts.

When someone suffers brain trauma, there can be immediate health problems and medical care that costs a lot of money. In many cases, meeting TBI needs now and into the future can require a lot of planning. Some effects of the injury can be anticipated. Many may not surface until long after the original injury and insurers deny any claims if they can.

Victims benefit from working with an advocate who understands not just the medical but also the legal landscapes. Obtaining the full measure of compensation and achieving optimal recovery can depend on it.

If you get into a vehicle accident or suffer any sort of blunt force to the head, a mild concussion could result. Though it's called "mild," many experts agree you have a TBI.

What we know about brain injuries has grown in recent years, but there is still a lot we don't know. The medical community is coming to understand that even a mild TBI can cause serious problems for victims – headaches, confusion, forgetfulness and fatigue are all symptoms.

Though there is no solid statistical data to turn to for confirmation, most doctors believe the brain heals from a mild concussion in about a month or so. However, symptoms can persist for six months or even up to a year. Making sure a victim gets the right diagnosis and right care when it's needed is crucial.

The lesson here is that not every head jolt requires a visit to the emergency room. But no shock should be considered minor.

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