Aggressive Attorney Helping You Fight DUI Charges

In California, law enforcement agencies have made many advancements in their fight against drunk drivers. They have increased the number of officers on patrol, and have new techniques that they use to determine if a motorist is under the influence when behind the wheel. If you are arrested and charged with DUI, you need to know that these are serious accusations that have the potential to ruin your entire life.

Edward Y. Lee, attorney at law, will protect the rights and driving privileges for people charged with DUI throughout Los Angeles. Edward has over 22 years of legal experience, and he has personally resolved hundreds of DUI cases throughout his legal career. He will carefully explain your situation and help you understand the things that need to be done to build a strong defense.

From Arrest Through Trial, We Are Here To Help

Once police have decided to arrest you for drunk driving, they will turn their focus to gathering evidence to support their claims. You have the right to have an attorney by your side to protect your future. When you hire us to handle your DUI case, we are going to aggressively pursue a resolution that helps you achieve a successful result.

Some of the things that we will do to help you defend yourself against these charges include:

  • Examining all the evidence that police have obtained to determine if law enforcement followed all procedures correctly
  • Representing you in discussions with the prosecution about your case
  • Negotiating a successful disposition of your case prior to trial
  • Protecting your rights in the courtroom, if necessary

It is extremely important to note that in addition to the criminal proceedings that accompany a DUI, there will also be an administrative procedure that concerns the suspension of your driving privileges. After a DUI arrest, you have a limited time to request a hearing with the
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regarding this suspension. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of these hearings for past clients, and we will help you try to keep your license.

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